Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

F is for the floor that I can never see,

I is for the injuries from Lego’s to my feet,

L is for the laundry , how the pile does grow!

T is for the tiredness that I try not to show.

H is for my hair, which always looks a fright,

Y is for the young ones, that make it all alright.

As filthy as my home seems and as tired as I may be,

My joy’s out grown, the mess that’s strewn,

And that’s all I’ll ever need.




I am getting around to it I promise!

Hello visitors! I see from the activity update that I have had some visitors. I apologize for the empty profile! I have been procrastinating on getting it together. I was invited to view a friend’s blog . I realized I could not subscribe to her blog unless I made a profile. So here I am! Always walking around thinking of all these wonderful blogs I could be posting yet at the end of the day it turns into “maybe tomorrow!” Maybe tomorrow will be that day I actually get my page together. Anyway, thanks for visiting! I promise it will get more interesting around here soon!